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Only £99.99 / $99.99 / €99.99 (incl. VAT) Per Device Per Month For 24/7 Full HD Streaming

True collaboration that lifts the whole team up. With individual club needs in mind, the ICG Virtual Cycling App is the first app that will help you maximize your resources, time and flexibility. Be amazed at the simplicity of this app and how efficient and fun it is to manage virtual courses in your cycling studio and on the gym floor! Let your members explore the world while crushing their goals as they ride by canyons, world famous cities and lots more, supported by engaging music with our terrain focused Scenic Coach Series. Or excite indoor cycling enthusiasts with our professional pre-choreographed instructor led Studio Coach Series workouts, featuring original artist music and different fitness goals. This quick and easy to install, state of-the-art technology, without specific hardware, will provide you access to 300+ virtual videos, empowering you and your trainer team in creating random or custom virtual weekly class schedules as quick as 60 seconds. It’s as easy as that.


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Results based & wellness focused training programs

All fitness levels - in one class - are welcome, thanks to the unique Coach By Color® system. Coach By Color® is an inclusive and universal method for coaching intensity exciting millions of people around the world. These fun color guided workouts are based on members fitness level (FTP), pedal speed, riding technique and color zones. Members will not only get fitter, faster but love every minute of it. Such easy-to-follow, and engaging coaching takes the category of “virtual” workouts to a whole new level, and this is only the start. 

Studio Coach Samples

Immersive on-screen coached workouts that deliver results, that‘s Studio Coach, a highly engaging pre-choreographed exercise to music virtual workout powered by our leading, world-class ICG® Master Trainers with chart quality music that guarantees lots of fun and results. Driving more people through the door 24/7 has never been so simple.

Scenic Coach Samples

Tell your members to leave their passports at home and join your studio on a trip around the world with Scenic Coach, terrain-focused footage paired with chart topping music and fun yet fierce on-screen guided workouts. The outstanding, forward motion scenery is stunning and participants ride it like they see it, so let them ride by cities and jungles without that extra luggage.

The dashboard is your place to be

See straight away what cycling sessions are running in your studio and if needed quickly update, change or create a training schedule all from your home screen.

No time? We‘ve got you covered! Scheduling random workouts are just four clicks away or have fun creating custom cycling sessions, our app is as flexible as you are.

Focus on what‘s important, all created training schedules in one place. If needed you can view, create, edit, delete, turn on/off training schedules as quick as a flash.

All under control. Administrate all your studios screens, invite trainers, choose from 18 app language options and who has admin rights to plan and manage workouts. 


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