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The IC3 provides three critical components for improving users’ cycling performance: Q Factor, ergonomic handlebar, and advanced geometry. And for club-owners, there's our Poly-V belt drivetrain technology for maximum durability and reduced servicing. Take the IC3 for a ride and you'll be a believer.

Feature Spot-light

What is the Q factor and how does it affect riders and club owners?

Q Factor is the distance between your feet when you sit on the bike and pedal.  The right Q Factor makes Indoor Cycles more bio-mechanically efficient by keeping the rider’s hip, knee, and foot in alignment and maximizing the muscular forces applied to the pedal. Q Factor has been the topic of much debate in the industry. Anatomically, people feel more comfortable when the pedals are closer together, as they are on a road bike. The  IC3 features the new, industry-standard Q Factor of 155 mm, which makes the Indoor Cycle feel more like a real bike.  The benefits include increased safety, comfort, and efficiency in every pedal stroke.  


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