Indoor Cycle Dumbbell Holder

Add weight and dimension to your group fitness classes with the Indoor Cycle dumbbell holder.

Compatible with the IC4, IC5, IC6, IC7 Indoor Cycles and IC8 Power Trainer, the dumbbell holder enables the class to transition between cycling and weight training seamlessly. A lightweight steel wireframe construction easily attaches to the seat-post stem behind the rider, with no interference with their pedal stroke.

The design of the holder allows for easy access to the dumbbells and supports up to 4KG in weight (8kg total). Perfect for all types of circuit training.

Cycle Studio Dumbbells

Integrate light strength training into your group fitness classes with the cycle studio dumbbells.

Enabling your members to transition between cycling and weight training with ease, the Cycle Studio Dumbbells are perfect for all types of circuit training and are designed to fit seamlessly with the Indoor Cycling experience.

Available up to 4KG in weight, exercisers can intuitively pick the dumbbell that matches their fitness level and goals. The anti-roll heads were designed to be set down without rolling away, but rounded enough to be pushed aside to make space.

The high-quality urethane protects both your dumbbells and floors from any nicks, scuffs or streaks. The construction of each dumbbell features a 12.7cm long contoured ergonomic handle with an embossed gripping pattern and 3.17cm diameter for comfort.

Cycle Studio Rack

A sleek and easily maintained storage system that helps to keep all of your weights and storage space clean and organized.

The uniquely designed storage systems match the colors of the ICG® Indoor Cycles, creating a polished and organized studio environment that allows the class to concentrate on the workout, motivating users to come back for more.

The Cycle Studio Rack stores 1-4KG dumbbells with accessibility to the desired weight. Exercisers can easily select the desired weight for their fitness levels and goals.

Bring Your Own Device Trays

With the bring your own device holder, you can now easily and conveniently attach your tablet or smartphone to your IC4, IC5, IC6 and IC7 Indoor Cycles and IC8 Power trainer.

An elastic drawstring ensures that tablet and smartphone up to a size of 12 inches and a maximum thickness of 11mm can be safely attached to the mounting.

The bracket can be quickly and easily mounted on the front of the handlebar.

The integrated rubber grip also ensures a stable fit and secure attachment of the device to the bike.


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