Optimize returns from group cycling in the studio, and personal and team training on the cardio floor. Plus a new colorful era for your members‘ individual training.

The Science Behind Coach By Color

To Coach By Color® is to use one of the world‘s most intuitive and effective forms of communication to improve the exerciser experience. The Coach By Color® power program relies on color‘s natural stimulating properties to accurately coach a user‘s effort during a workout. It elicits the right psychological and physiological responses to encourage greater effort. It fosters connections among members and enhances instructor communication, and therefore increases social interaction while maximizing results. Those are the kinds of benefits that boost new member acquisition and retention.

Train with Coach By Color®

ICG’s Coach By Color® training system, delivers real-time, color-coded biofeedback to the user. Coach By Color® has five colored training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red. These zones can be linked to WattRate® (power) and Functional Threshold Power (FTP), or heart rate and percentage of Heart Rate Max (HRM). FTP represents the workload above which an individual cannot sustain prolonged exercise. Similar to HRM, once an individual‘s FTP is known, users are assigned the 5 colored zones to accurately coach their effort for the best customized results. Patent-pending, to vividly display the color zones the WattRate® TFT Computer 2.0 features a bright, full-color, self-powered, fully integrated TFT screen and a front LED display. The high-powered LEDs and cleverly designed casing flood the front panel with bright, rich color that can be seen over great distances and wide angles.

Download Zone Information

Active Recovery

% FTP: <55%
% MAX HR: <60%
RPE: Very Light
TIME IN ZONE: Infinity


% FTP: 56 - 75%
% MAX HR: 61 - 70%
RPE: Light
TIME IN ZONE: 3hrs - >8hrs


% FTP: 76 - 90%
% MAX HR: 71 - 80%
3 - 8hrs

Lactate Threshold

% FTP: 91 - 105%
% MAX HR: 81 - 90%
RPE: Hard
TIME IN ZONE: 10-60min

Anaerobic Capacity

% FTP: 106 - 120%
% MAX HR: 91 - 100%
RPE: Maximal
TIME IN ZONE: 1 - 8min

Bring the Heat

Coach by Color® offers the most intuitive, accurate and engaging coaching methodology in the fitness industry which combines a specialist zone feature set called ‘Heat zones’.

The Heat zones indicate working ranges that offer the greatest health and fitness benefits across the five Coach by Color® zones. Motivational visual rewards (Ignite, Heat, On-fire & Burn) will appear on the Wattrate® TFT Computer 2.0 when working within these specific percentage ranges.


% FTP: 67 - 75%
% MAX HR: 66 - 70%
RPE: Light/Moderate


% FTP: 85 - 95%
% MAX HR: 78 - 85%
RPE: Moderate/Hard


% FTP: 121 - 150%
% MAX HR: 92 - 94%
RPE: Hard/Maximal
TIME IN ZONE: 1 - 5min


% FTP: >150%
% MAX HR: 95 - 100%
RPE: Maximal
TIME IN ZONE: 5 - 10secs



Coach By Color® for group cycling classes are enhanced, not changed. Simple and fun to add power-based coaching to all instructor styles, freestyle classes and choreographed third-party programs with explosive results that improve revenue through retention and new-member acquisition. Members will experience how Coach By Color® connects them to their workout, their instructor and their friends to maximize the training experience and reach their goals faster.


For personal & team training


Coach By Color® for personal and team training on the cardio floor or in the studio puts the power-based training in the hands of personal trainers and gym instructors in a practical, colorful way adding a new dimension to coaching and member experience. The foundation behind is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) incorporating strength, speed and endurance athletic protocols. HIIT’s advanced form of interval training is results-orientated and reduces session time to maximize a facility’s opportunity to train more members, more of the time with optimal success.  


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