All fitness levels - in one class - are welcome, thanks to the original Coach By Color® System, an inclusive and universal method for coaching intensity exciting millions of people around the world, advancing and optimizing group, personal and cardio floor settings. 

To Coach By Color® is to use one of the world‘s most intuitive and effective forms of communication to improve the exerciser experience. The Coach By Color® System relies on color‘s natural stimulating properties to accurately coach a user‘s effort during a workout, fostering connection among members, enhancing instructor communication and therefore increasing social interaction while maximizing results. 

Download Zone Information

We are the only provider in the market that combines the individual FTP value to the five Coach By Color® training zones

For a faster & more personalized result. Leaving no one behind, members with different fitness levels can now join the same class & achieve the same training goals together. With the computer‘s front LED, trainers have full control of the class, discreetly adapting training intensity whenever needed.  

So, leave behind what you think you knew about indoor cycling and join a new era that will boost new member acquisition and retention, providing members with the best guided training in the market and give your trainers a magical tool to enhance their classes - no matter where they choose to lead the pack, as a small group on the gym floor or while taking the center stage of a cycling class. Making Fitness More Colorful.

Bring the Heat

Coach by Color® offers the most intuitive, accurate and engaging coaching methodology in the fitness industry which combines a specialist zone feature set called ‘Heat zones’

The Heat zones indicate working ranges that offer the greatest health and fitness benefits across the five Coach By Color® zones. Motivational visual rewards (Ignite, Heat, On-fire & Burn) will appear on the WattRate® TFT Computer 2.0 when working within these specific percentage ranges. 


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