A test used to help measure a user‘s fitness and establish their 5 colored training zones. Every 4 minutes the WATTs target will increase 25 watts, all the rider has to do is “keep it green” for as long as they can. Once an individual‘s FTP is known, users are assigned the 5 zones to accurately coach their effort for the best customized results.

Why Power?

Power meter training on indoor cycles heralds a new era. Like heart rate monitors that were used by pro riders they soon became mainstream, power meters are now widespread amongst pro riders, are used by many amateur riders and the great news is they have finally made it to indoor cycling for fitness.

WattRate® is ICG’s technology to measure the user’s power output displayed in watts through the WattRate® TFT computer. These performance data can be applied in training programs to maximize workout results. 

Power - What is it?

Why should you be interested in it and how can you go about understanding, measuring and improving it to enable you to get fitter, faster and stronger?

POWER and TORQUE; what’s the twist?  The sciency stuff is about to hit you!

Power is the rate of ‘doing work’ expressed in joules (J) per second or watts (W) per second. Work is performed when a force acts over a distance (work = force x distance) or when torque acts through an arc of rotation (work = torque x angular displacement). Power is the rate of work performed per unit of time (power = work/time), therefore Power = force x (distance/time) expressed as watts/per second.

Power is a combination of two forces:

1.   Torque: This is the amount of rotational force applied. It is the product of that force put on the pedal, times the length of the crank arm. Most often we hear this expressed in foot-pounds or Newton-meters.

2.   Rotational frequency: This is your cadence, or the speed at which you turn your pedals, usually expressed in revolutions per minute.

This means Watts = Torque x Cadence (velocity) or simply how hard you press on the pedals multiplied by the number of times you turn those pedals around! 


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