The WattRate® Direct Power Meter, the market’s most accurate power meter offers a direct measuring tolerance of +/- 1%. Such accuracy is groundbreaking in indoor cycles, providing exercisers with immediate and precise feedback on the effort they’re putting in to ensure they have absolute control and the most accurate results. Power-based training with WattRate® provides a faster way for exercisers to see actual results and reach goals faster. 

Feel your power. And see it!

The WattRate® direct power meter is located at the intermediate transmission and uses photocells to directly measure the torsion (twisting force) of the spindle.

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Self-powered generator with LiPo battery

Control the green energy. And your own!

Renewable, green-energy. No batteries required. Capturing the riders energy the compact generator at the flywheel recharges the bike‘s integrated lithium polymer battery. This self-powering technology feeds all the bike's electronics and empowers the full color display on the WattRate® TFT Computer 2.0 in any environment.

Magnetic Resistance

Maintenance free magnetic resistance with position sensor

ICG’s magnetic resistance is engineering at its best. A service-free technology that provides the user a greater resistance range and reduces operational down time and cost.

Gives you the highs and lows you need!

Where it gets more technical and clever is at the flywheel, where a contactless positioning sensor measures the magnet position. This first-ever application in Indoor Cycling means that every bike in a facility will accurately display resistance levels on the WattRate® TFT Computer 2.0, and the resistance curve will be identical on all bikes.


“User-Assist“ handlebar and saddle adjustment

Stepless adjustment has never been more precise

ICG’s user assist handlebar and saddle posts technology provide users a smooth, stepless adjustment range. It improves fine-tuning bike settings and reduces the handlebar weight to minimize setup challenges. A system that allows the "athlete" set-up for optimum performance and the "fitness-user" for maximum comfort. 

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