ICG® Certifications


Like all good training regimes you need to build a solid foundation and this is what Stage 1 delivers for you:

  • The application of cycling physiology and kinesiology
  • The core riding positions and their application in a multi-level class meeting the individuals physical and sporting needs
  • Using music and profiles to elicit emotional responses that
motivate, inspire and direct the individuals form and technique
  • Monitoring methods to maximize participant education and
  • Understanding of different dynamics, communication and teaching
methods needed in high adherence group exercise
  • Learning of key components, importance and benefits for
your participants of building a solid aerobic foundation
Price: $250 Read CEC Providers


Locked Please complete ICG® BASIC LEVEL

Once the foundation is built you need to start to add in the more advanced applications to keep the training alive and relevant. This is what Stage 2 delivers for you through:

  • Advanced riding techniques and positions
  • Overcoming the issues linked with introducing and teaching
 advanced aerobic training
  • Advanced class profiles to accommodate everyone‘s goals and 
  • Application of indoor cycling coaching for road, triathlon and MTB
  • Advanced knowledge and application of physiology related to aerobic and anaerobic training
Price: Sold with ICG® BASIC LEVEL Read CEC Providers


This certification breaks down the science behind 'Power' and gives you the practical understanding on how to deliver power-based training on any bike equipped with a power meter (display of watts).

  • What Power is?
  • Why we need it?
  • Power and training zones
  • Why and how do we use Power?
  • The Limitations of Power
  • The advanced aspects of Power
  • The relationship between Power, Heart Rate and RPE
  • Power Testing – the start point for programming
  • Power training application – programming a power cycling session
  • Power and it’s relationship to Strength, Speed and Endurance
Price: $199 Read CEC Providers

ICG® Programs


Exclusively for the ICG® Indoor Cycles, the Coach By Color® Power Program is for 'Group' Exercise Instructors, 'Team' Coaches and Personal Trainers. In the program we will quickly deepen your understanding and 'connection' to power-based training through color.

  • Why using color to build a training session works for the student and you the coach
  • How to simplify and maximize your power training sessions
  • Why using color engages the student and instantly rewards their effort
  • How to establish your Coach by Color Functional Threshold Power ‘anchor point’
  • How to develop the key Coach by Color coaching skill set required for an individual and group session
  • How to build and deliver cycling drills for specific client training requirements
  • How color can enhance the competitive aspect of team coaching
  • How color can deliver instant feedback on team and individual performance
  • How color sessions improve student experience and build team spirit
  • How to build Strength, Speed and Endurance HIIT drills
  • How to deliver a HIIT drill using the Coach by Color Functional Threshold Power format
Price: $149 Read CEC Providers


Get accredited in Teaching with Forward-motion Video by ICG® - The world's leading authority in Cycling-to-video.

In this module you will learn:

  • Understand how ICG® views the evolution of Indoor Cycling
  • Learn how to bring the road and trail to your teaching
  • Understand the key principles of teaching with video
  • Learn how combining music and video improves exercise performance
  • Find your balance of combining video interaction with your great coaching skills
  • Master ICG®’s ‘SIT’ principle: Simulation, Interaction & Telepresence
  • Learn what immersion is and how to create it
  • Discover how to make the students feel present in the video to maximize their enjoyment and fitness outcome
  • Receive our top ten representative profiles
Price: $149 Read CEC Providers



Aging is inevitable and great advances have been made in our understanding of the ageing process and with it the implications it has on our body's ability to function to its maximum potential. If you're over 30 or coach athletes greater than this age group then this module will explain how to:

  • Understand the essential adaptations to an athlete’s training schedule
  • Adapt the ‘standard’ training protocols to ageing athletes
  • Deliver relevant cardio and resistance training programming
  • Maximize the bodies changing systems to ensure continued performance
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


Advance your group exercise classes and personal training sessions by learning the principles behind coaching a team, or individual participating in competitive cycling. You will learn:

  • What the key factors are in competitive cycling performance
  • How to find out where an athlete’s individual fitness is right now
  • How to structure successful training in different cycling disciplines
  • How to be a fitter, faster, stronger cyclist
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


Whether you are looking to develop the cross training fitness or are an aspiring or practicing triathlete then Dri Tri can offer the understanding of how to:

  • Safely and effectively teach fusion workouts on 3 core pieces of cardio equipment; indoor cycle, treadmill and
  • Apply triathlon based training routines for all athletes who wish to improve speed, power and endurance aspects to their fitness
  • Offer ‘cross-training benefits’ that can be used as an ‘active recovery’ training tool across all sports
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


As Joe Friel said in his blog 'Heart Rate and Training' in 2009;

“220 minus age to predict max heart rate. If you do that, you might as well had guessed. The formula is close to useless for individuals."

This module will take you through the minefield of information related to this key factor of every athlete's training:

  • What is the best formulae and when to use it
  • How to apply the right energy zone to deliver relevant training outcomes
  • How to utilize the full range of monitoring methods
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


Learn the science and latest research behind the impact of music on performance, successful class programming and retention. This module will give you the in-depth knowledge on how to use music as a coaching aid for:

  • Performance
  • Motivation
  • Recovery
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


Overtraining and its impact is a well-studied syndrome in elite athletes but it can impact on any 'mere mortal' that takes their training seriously and then suffer the consequences of this phenomenon. For coaches and athletes it is important to know:

  • How to recognize the symptoms of overtraining
  • To be able to implement the necessary changes to training
  • How to maintain progression without developing overtraining
  • Develop strategies to pre-empt overtraining
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


Periodization is now a mainstay of athletic training to maximize performance and minimize fatigue. You will learn the theories underlying periodization and how to practically apply them to be able to:

  • Target the metabolic systems and motor patterns that are important to athletes in cycling and sports
  • Structure a training program in a competitive athletes year
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


It's one of those things that we all know that we should do, but some of us very rarely do it. But is it all that beneficial? Everyone knows the answer to that – right?

Well conventional theories on stretching might be doing you and your students more harm than good; this module will answer the questions related to this much-misunderstood area of health and fitness:

  • If and when we should and when shouldn’t we stretch
  • What does stretching actually do to the body
  • How stretching can actually reduce and improve your performance
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


This learning resource is offered as a part of the Indoorcycling Group's commitment to increasing the battle against cancer and awareness of its impact on our communities. The module will discuss the positive role and impact a health professional can have in mitigating some of the affects cancer has on an individual. In studying this module will not qualify you as a 'fully trained expert' but you will gain an in-depth understanding of how to deliver practical exercise programming and the many aspects associated in working with Survivors; the module will cover:

  • Your role as part of the multi-disciplinary team of those working with Survivors
  • What are the benefits of the group exercise setting for Survivors
  • What are the positive impacts exercise has on the symptoms of cancer
  • The range and type of treatments used and the impact on exercise
  • How exercise can mitigate some of the symptoms of cancer
  • How to structure training programs to assist in rehabilitation
  • The improvements to the quality of a person’s life that exercise brings
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


This module will explain the difference between 'every day' and 'training' nutrition that is required by the fitness and sporting athlete who wishes to:

  • Optimise their overall health
  • Improve their sporting performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury or overtraining
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


The principal aim of this program is to examine the multiple components of physiological and emotional responses to music combined with visual imagery, its impact on sporting performance, exercise adherence and the response elicited in a participant in offering the 'complete experience' to indoor cycling. To this end the following objectives will be defined and discussed:

  • A grounded theory of the use of music, real world video footage, computer generated gaming imagery and principles applied in fitness equipment and group exercise disciplines
  • The impact of altering music tempo and intensity on students’ emotional, affective and behavioural responses
  • The relationship between music, forward motion imagery in identifying the neural origins of the experiential phenomena
  • The role of motorneuron excitability in the physiological, emotional and behavioural responses experienced in the combined experience of music and forward motion video
Price: $29 Read CEC Providers


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