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How do I connect my mobile device to the IC5,IC6,IC7 Indoor Cycle?

Please watch the video below

My ICG Training App displays the “No Bike To Pair” message when I try to connect to my bike, what do I do?

•   Please make sure the Indoor Cycle you are riding has a IC5, IC6 or IC7 badge. This can be seen underneath the seat
•   Please make sure the Indoor Cycle you are riding has the latest bike computer. It should have 5 buttons
•   Please make sure your Bluetooth is switched on within your mobile device
•   Please make sure the bike computer is switched on by pedalling

My indoor cycle does not have the correct bike computer, how do I upgrade?

Please contact your studio manager and ask them to speak to their distributor for information on how to get the latest bike computers

I have lost my downloaded workouts, how do I get them back?

•   Please press on the menu icon top left of the ICG Training App and then press on restore purchases
•   You will see a pop-up screen that says “restoring purchases will check for previous purchases made with this apple ID”. Press ok
•   Revisit the genre that your workouts were downloaded from
•   Ie if you purchased the "Pursuit" you will need to go to the "Get Faster" genre and re-download the workout
•   If you have purchased any workouts you will not be charged again to re-download them again
•   For more information, please watch the video below

How do I build my own workouts to use on the ICG Training App?

•   Press on “workouts/select workout” then select the custom goal
•   If you are not logged into the ICG Training App you will be asked to log in. Please signup if you do not have an account
•   Press on add workout, type a workout name and then type your workout description
•   Press on build workout and type the 1st section title of your workout, select the music you would like to ride to
•   You will need to add music track by track to successfully create the desired workout
•   Once you have chosen your music you need to create your choreography that matches the length of this track
•   Use the arrows to change the RPM, Resistance, Ride Position, FTP% and length
•   Press finish and keep building out choreography track by track until you have finished building your workout
•   Once you have created your choreography, ensure that you press "Finish" in the builder to confirm
•   Press "Finish" again on the following screen to save your workout to your "Custom" genre

How do I add friends?

•   Press on the menu icon top left of the ICG Training App
•   Press friends
•   Enter the email address of the friend you want to add and press submit

How do I share my custom workouts with my friends?

•   Press on “workouts/select workout” then select the custom goal.
•   Find the workout you have built and want to share with your friends and press on it.
•   Press on the 'man' icon at the bottom
•   Select the friends you would like to share the workout with or press select all to highlight all of your friends
•   Press assign workout to deliver your workout to your friends.
•   You should see a pop up message stating "Successfully assigned all workouts" once this has been completed 

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