ICG’s founding brand

Tomahawk® is ICG’s founding brand, the name of our bikes. A heritage of two decades empowers an innovative approach to industrial design and the manufacture of commercial-grade Indoor Cycles. We strive to raise the bar for all our user groups:  Owner, Instructor and Rider.  By listening intently to our market, Tomahawk® has become one of the world’s most recognized and respected Indoor Cycle brands.

Virtually Everything Is Possible

Myride® is a fast-paced immersive technologies program of ICG. Its goal is to deliver the world’s most advanced interactive media experience to enrich the indoor exercise environment.

our one voice, expressing the epic determination and courage of our global community

Be Your Own Hero® was originally to be a limited call-to-action campaign. Resonating louder than we ever envisioned, it’s now our one voice, expressing the epic determination and courage of our global community. Universal yet deeply personal, the statement carries across the breadth of our business, used by us and by our clients at every opportunity: to inspire, motivate and make it happen.

Our brand, our intent and our community

For two decades, Team ICG® have globally motivated, mentored and measured positive change in the "lives and rides" of its instructors and community. We’re not the many, but the few that make a difference. Believing in better. Striving together. Advancing together. We’re your teammate and team leader. "Team" is everything we stand for. "ICG" is who we are: Directors, Crew, Master Trainers and fans. Team ICG® is woven into our jerseys and our daily attitude; it’s our brand, our intent and our community.


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