High Performance Riders

For professional cyclists and fitness athletes, monitoring your speed can only tell you so much about a ride, heart-rate monitors can add more insight about your body’s stress, but knowing your power output is a highly accurate and repeatable assessment of how hard you’re actually working. Removing the guesswork from your training intensity makes session planning and performance less haphazardous, whilst  studying your power curve and pedalling will assist identifying physiological and technical weaknesses to improve on.

CrossFit Athletes

CrossFit Endurance (CFE) is an endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential.  As one of the early CrossFit “specialties” to emerge, CFE seeks to eliminate unnecessary volume of training while increasing intensity, thereby developing power and speed, two things extremely valuable in the fitness and endurance world. CFE follows the CrossFit model while adding precise training protocols for endurance, focusing on effective recovery strategies and injury prevention.  Power bikes are used in fitness testing, part of controlled warm ups and cool downs, and for specific workout drills.

Health Club Members

Understanding the IC8 delivers unique training that appeals to the sporting world and a new breed of fitness consumer that values challenging experience and demands faster results, the IC8 supports: Boutique studios targeting group athletic performance, personal trainers looking to deliver optimal customised results, and larger more traditional clubs venturing to design new services (e.g. performance zones) to compete in a highly fragmented market to advance membership acquisition and retention.

People in Rehabilitation

By knowing exactly how much strain your body is undertaking second by second, ride after ride, power meters help prevent injuries attributed to over training and are an essential tool whilst performing in a rehabilitation programme. Training at the right intensity, duration and frequency is critical to recovery and getting back to full strength sooner.


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