Perimeter-weighted flywheel

The 15kg flywheel helps cyclists and non-cyclists alike to develop even, 360-degree technique and better pedal-stroke mechanics.  The sensation is smoother, safer, more balanced, and more enjoyable. The outcome is a stronger, more efficient workout.

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ANT+ console (optional)

Performance measurement permits the instructor to demonstrate both intensity and effort effectively, and enables the student to gain more from every class. Our ANT+ console shows cadence, heart rate & calorie expenditure, giving students immediate and valuable feedback on their training.  

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Post-Workout Refueling

What we eat before a workout is very important, but what we eat afterward is even more important. The main value of eating right after a workout is that we recover well and can train well the next day......

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Aerobic Training Adaptations

The training adaptations that derive from indoor cycling are well documented and ubiquitous. Still, new instructors seem to appreciate hearing the information. Also, everyone describes the benefits a bit differently, and a change can help students understand........

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From chain junkie to belt convert

My indoor-cycling background revolves around the chain. My coach used to say, “The chain is sacred.” It vibrates, and that’s precisely what gives the bike its feeling of life...........

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